About the BA program

About the Communication and Media Studies BA. program

Since then beginning, the Communication and Media Studies BA has been essentially a social sciences program focusing on the study of all sorts of communicative phenomena from situations of unmediated human communication, to print and electronic media, and the area of network communication.


Communication and Media Studies BA as a three-year “bachelor” program had been founded in 2006, first course in English is about to start from the autumn of 2019. The graduates of the program will hold a degree that enables them to enter the labor market as communication experts. For those who wish to continue their studies, many MA programs are available especially in the field of social sciences.

After completing the general part of the training of the degree program and passing the comprehensive exam, the students can take up the Digital journalism a public relations specialization. The specialization offers theoretical and practical knowledge about media systems, media economy, national and international media regulations, ways and methods of media analysis, public relations, communication and media planning, genres and practices of journalism.


Practical training is provided by the University Media Center, where students have the opportunity to master the basic skills of the profession in the fields of electronic, print and online media. An essential part of the program is the internships in various institutions – publishing houses, PR agencies, editorial offices, or municipal institutions.

After the University…

Students completing their studies will be awarded a “communication expert” qualification, graduates typically fill in positions in media outlets, advertising agencies, public opinion and market research firms, non-profit and public organizations. Students on a scientific career may continue their studies at various social science doctoral (PhD) programs.