About the department library

The library of the Department of Communication and Media Science mainly contains resources related to social sciences. Hundreds of Hungarian, German, English, French and Romanian publications can be borrowed from the fields of sociology, anthropology, communication and media studies, art, film and photography.
In addition to the books, you can find the some prominent social science journals in our library, such as International Journal of Communication, Cultural Anthropology. Our article collection of nearly 4,000 items includes the compulsory or recommended literature for the courses of the past 15 years. Theses written by the students of the department have been collected and cataloged since 1998.
The library is public, accessible to anyone and no student or employee relationship is required for lending.

The library is located on the first floor of the E25 building, and accessible to all the enrolled students.

The opening hours for this semester are:

Mondays: Closed
Tuesdays: 10:00 – 14:00
Wednesdays: 12.30-16:00
Thrusdays: 10:00 – 15:00
Fridays: 10:00-14.00

Annamária Torbó (PhD student, librarian)

Phone: +3672503600 ext. 28218

E-mail: torbo.annamaria[at]

  1. Any person can be enrolled in the library, no affiliation with the University of Pécs is required. Upon enrollment a member card is issued and, personal information (ID, phone number and email address) are recorded.
  2. All documents in the Department Library are owned by the Department of Communication and Media Science at the University of Pécs.
  3. Borrowing can always take place in the presence of a librarian during opening hours by recording the loaning data.
  4. The loan period is two weeks. After the expiration, it is possible to renew for another two weeks, but this must be requested in a written form or by personal contact with a librarian. Please keep to the deadline for your rental! Otherwise, we will charge 15 HUF/document/day overdue fee.
  5. The number of borrowed documents is limited to 6.
  6. Books in a library’s reference collection, books labelled with a “For use in library only” sticker, course readers (current) cannot be borrowed.
  7. Making highlights, underlines, and notes in borrowed books is strictly forbidden. Upon receiving, the librarian checks the conditions of the book.
  8. At the end of each school year, a list of overdue loans is prepared. Borrowing privileges of the members who have an overdue loan may be suspended.
  9. In case of loss or obvious damage to the book, the member is obliged to provide a replacement within two weeks after the notification. If a new purchase is required, the member must bear the costs. If the member does not fulfill the above obligation, borrowing privileges will be suspended.
  10. Members must inform librarians about any changes in their personal information.
  11. Members are welcome to make suggestions for stock enhancement to the librarians during opening hours.

More than 1500 digitized studies, articles, study materials:
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